Catastrophe Response
D.O.N.E. Restoration, Inc. is with you before, during, and after a disaster strikes. Planning for an emergency before it happens can mean the difference between an easy recovery and total devastation. The key to maintaining continuity is a planned quick response. Our STAT Response Program gives you that edge.

  • One-on-one site and building inspection with you and your staff.
  • Learning and understanding your priorities before there is an emergency.
  • Customizing a disaster plan based on your specific needs.
  • Educating your staff on how to respond when a disaster occurs.

  • Responding immediately.
  • Stabilizing the area and initiating the plan of action.
  • Ensuring that your concerns are being addressed and needs are being met.

  • Meet with applicable parties to discuss the response.
  • Survey your customer satisfaction level. 
  • Adjust plans accordingly.
  • Schedule additional education.

Our experienced team will meet with you and your staff to familiarize ourselves with your facilities, plan for disaster, and discuss your priorities. Developing a complete pre-incident plan can dramatically decrease response time, recovery time, and cost. This program allows us to become familiar with you, your staff, and your property to create a lasting partnership.

For more information and to sign-up, please call our office.

D.O.N.E. is always on standby and ready to respond at a moment’s notice. Our vehicles are constantly stocked with a full range of equipment and customized portable kits to ensure that we never waste precious time stocking our trucks when every second counts.​
Reach D.O.N.E. Restoration 24/7 at 770-422-1604