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What You Need to Know About Your Insurance and Covering the Costs of Water Damage

by D.O.N.E. Restoration on 08/07/14

A lot of homeowners think that their homeowner’s insurance policy can easily cover the cost of water damage once they’ve paid the deductibles. However, this is not always the case. Water damage to your home can be very expensive to repair. Moreover, you need to understand some important considerations related to your insurance policy.

Does Insurance Cover Water Damage - Tidal Wave Response

Does Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Here’s an overview of the four most common water damage problems, and how an insurance company might handle them.

Pipe Burst – A burst pipe can prove to be quite expensive. Fortunately, a major part of the damage is generally covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. It can cover water damage to the house frame, personal property, and surrounding walls. However, a basic or standard homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover the repairs to burst pipes.

Moreover, there are situations when the insurance company may deny your claim. It may believe that the burst pipes were caused because of your negligence. This may happen if you let the home’s temperature drop below the freezing point. If you’re able to maintain proper temperature in the home or insulated your pipes during the winter season, you’re less likely to be found at fault.

Washing Machine Leaks – Washing machine leaks are one of the most common water damage problems. According to a study, over 50% of cases of washing machine leaks are caused by a leak in the main supply hose. This connects the washing machine to the home’s water supply.

In this case, the insurance agent will consider the state and age of your washing machine to determine whether water damage should be covered by the insurance policy. The insurance company may also claim that the leak was caused by usual wear and tear to the washing machine. Thus, you may have to pay for the repairs on your own.

It is very important to get all the problems fixed in time. In case you notice any problems with your washing machine, it is important to replace or repair it right away. This will allow you to be eligible for coverage.

Roof Leaks Causing Water Damage – Whether water damage to your home’s interior or roof will be covered depends on the coverage in your policy. In order to receive compensation, the roof leak should have been caused by a covered peril in the policy.

In most homeowner’s insurance policies, covered perils include rain, fire, hail and wind. In case your insurance agent finds out that the water damage was caused because of an old roof which needed replacement, such damage won’t be covered.

In addition to this, if the roof damage happened during a hurricane or flood, it may not be covered. Although there are many insurance policies which cover damage from hurricanes in the coverage, most claims are subject to higher deductibles. These can easily add up to 1-5% of the total insured value of your house. In case the claim amount does not exceed the total deductible, it won’t be worth filing a claim.

Damage Caused by Storm or Hurricane – In most standard homeowner’s insurance policies, flood damage is not covered. This is regardless of whether the water damage was caused by a hurricane or storm. A hurricane is defined as a storm with wind speed over 74 miles per hour.

Flood coverage needs to be bought separately. It can be purchased from either a private insurance company or the United States Government. According to industry experts, most insurance providers don’t offer coverage related to hurricane and storm causing water damage.

In fact, in most hurricane-prone and coastal regions, it is mandatory to buy a separate flood insurance policy if there’s mortgage on your home. It is always important to discuss all your options with your insurance carrier.

In case you haven’t purchase flood insurance before a storm or hurricane hits your house, you will have to pay for all the damage out of your own pocket. However, damage caused by wind may be covered once you’ve reached your insurance policy’s deductible. This will depend on the details of your insurance policy.

If there’s been water damage in your home, it is very important to hire professionals to fix the issues. You need to hire a reputable and experienced company. D.O.N.E. Restoration hires only qualified and skilled professionals to manage water damage from all causes, especially pipe bursts. If you need assistance, call us now at 770-422-1604!

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