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Prevent a Fire at Your Property

by D.O.N.E. Restoration on 09/18/14

With Autumn upon us, the leaves will be starting to fall, which will mean raking and various yard work will need to be done. Yard work inevitably means you will have to burn brush and yard waste. There are times when it is necessary to burn a stump from a cut down tree. Fire safety becomes an issue when doing this yourself. There are tips and precautions that will ensure a safe burn.

When it is necessary to burn brush from falling tree limbs or tree trimming, make sure the brush is piled in a safe location. Embers may flare up and float in the air. They may land on buildings or vehicles if you do not choose a safe location.

Pile the brush close to a water source, such as a garden hose, creek, or stream. If the fire starts to get out of control you can quickly douse it with water by either squirting it from the hose or pouring buckets of water around the perimeter.

If the area you are burning in is extremely dry, it is advisable to wet the perimeter down before you begin burning the brush. Do not make a huge pile, especially if there are not enough people to assist you. Start burning the brush in a small pile and add more as it burns down. Burn the brush pile on a day where no winds are predicted. Wind can fan the fire, allowing it to get out of control. The wind may also lift larger pieces of brush and carry them to other areas where they will start a fire.

Use caution when lighting the brush pile. Make sure the pile is dry, and place a few pieces of crumpled paper around it, and light the paper. The paper will slowly ignite the dry brush. Never use anything combustible such as gas or lighter fluid, as this will flare up and will possibly burn you as you attempt to light the brush pile.

If you experience fire or smoke damage at your home or business this fall due to an irresponsible burn, be sure to contact D.O.N.E. Restoration at 770-422-1604 for emergency assistance.

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